Ceremonies - Gatherings - Workshops

Workshops are a beautiful way to connect with the community and dive into topics with greater focus and awareness. Spirit Ocean Healing offers an array of workshops and ceremonies. You will find the description of the various offerings below, but you can sign up by clicking the link that follows!


Cacao Ceremonies

Sacred Cacao is medicine for the heart. The pressed cacao, which comes from the cacao bean, is prepared by a shaman in Guatemala. Cacao unlocks our creative potential & divine connection- complete heart and soul harmony with Source. This ceremony will bring you to a place of deep relaxation and grounding so that you may uncover your true place of balance within. Through this process we must surrender and open the floodgates of that which no longer serves us. The layers of any judgments, resentments, pain, angers, fears, aches or disillusion, will dissolve and you will open into clarity and peace. Cacao also unlocks your creative potential, allowing you to step into your inner child-like wonder and explore the nature of your being. This unfolding is all within the guidance of the cacao spirit (one aspect/quality of the vibratory essence of pure consciousness- everything in essence is guided by The Divine) and your willingness to go within.

The Ceremony begins with a chakra mediation which will prepare you for the sacred cacao drink (Cacao melted down with hot water). Through the meditation your inner calling and seeds of expansion shift the energy of your cacao so when it is time to drink, it is pure medicine, perfectly made for your own transformation. There is then time to sink and rest into your journey through inner and group reflections. The ceremony ends with an energetic release journey where you will use a crystal to help release any last density in the heart space- letting go of anything that is restricting the pure openness of your heart in order to expand the heart to a greater capacity of love and compassion. (This ceremony is fluid and changes based on the group).

Ashley Seymour has been working with cacao medicine since her first visit to Peru in 2018 and since has visited the sacred lands 4 times. After a profound experience with cacao she has brought the healing vibrations of the medicine to her community through cacao ceremonies. Ashley's relationship with cacao is one built on deep surrender and inner healing that comes from the stillness of the mind and a willingness to realign with her highest calling. She shares her guidance during the ceremonies for others to also surrender into the divine dance of connecting fully to ones highest calling and deepest soul guidance.

Women’s Gatherings

Embody the sacred feminine- innate in the fabric of your being. Awaken your power through deep compassion and fierce gentleness. Gathering together, we choose to uplift and support each other on our highest path. Each woman is a divine reflection of ourselves. As we come together, we do so in the essence of activating deep healing through a supportive and understanding community of women. This a creative space where there will be journaling and healing ceremonies. Bring a friend, sister, mother, grandmother or daughter-let’s gather in love! Each gathering will center around a different topic. There will be a led guided meditation, group discussion and creative expression.

Healing Through Visualization

Thoughts are energy and our mind and bodies are intricately linked. How we think can transform our perception of the world and the healing of our body. As we envision a different outcome, our outer world shifts and so does the inner environment of our body. You will be offered information on the mind-body connection and the power of visualization. Visualization shapes the brain through neurosculpting which has the potential to change how we think, feel, and act in order to realign with our highest good. Shamans around the world have been practicing visualization techniques for thousands of years through journeying to envision a balanced world, good health and abundance for their community and to expand their awareness beyond just this physical realm of limitations. During this ceremony you will be guided through various journeys and visualizations aimed to heal on an emotional, mental and energetic level. This ceremony will bring you into deeper connection with yourself and your potential of optimal health. Come ready to relax and journey together

Crystal Healing

Crystals are some of the oldest inhabitants on earth. They work as a tool to uncover our layers of our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual stagnation. In this workshops we will discuss the physical and energetic qualities of crystals and dive into scientific evidence of their beneficial qualities. Before using crystals as a tool for healing, we will discuss what an energetic blockage is and the different energetic bodies. This information will aid in your understanding of why blockages occur and where they are held. We will focus on balancing the chakras with different techniques and end with learning how to release energetic intrusions that may be found anywhere in your body. It’s important to note that stones and crystals do no give you energy. They are not batteries from which you get unlimited power. They only offer an impulse, like an idea or intention. We then carry out this impulse through our own life force energy. This workshop will offer you a new appreciation for crystals as tools to release illusion and find harmony of the mind, body, and spirit. You will be given a written manual to take home with all the information and techniques discussed.

Ashley Seymour started working with Crystals in her energy sessions, a year ago, after her visit to Peru. Since then, she has deepened her connection to them and wants to share her experience with others.

Inversion Exploration

Learn how to safely and intelligently practice Salamba Sirsasana (Headstand), Pincha Mayurasana (Forearm balance) and Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand). This workshop will teach you how to properly prepare your body to practice inversion, the correct anatomical alignment and stages of progression that will successfully take you into the full expression of the pose. This workshop is for all levels of inversion practitioners- whether you have never been upside down before or if you are a seasoned practitioner. Variation and modifications for all inversions will be offered.

Inversions aren’t practiced simply for the aesthetics of the postures. Besides the sense of strength, balance, and joy that comes from this practice, there are many health benefits that come from inverting your body. Inversions improve cardiac health, giving your heart a rest from pumping, drain the lympathic system and reverse the effects of gravity on the joints and spine! Let’s play together!

Magic Touch: Art of Assisting

This is an intensive all day training for teachers looking to deepen their intuitive assisting techniques and to find more comfort and ease assisting during a class. You will learn how to assist during a class that is quick and powerful to a class that is gentle and restorative. You will be given a written manual in order to continue to refine your assisting practice as you move forward. This course will include an introduction where we will review the power of touch, logistics of assisting and dive into the gems of intuitive assisting. You will work one one one to practice various assists during the workshop. To end the training we will split the group into two and practice during an in class setting using a combination of the assists you learned that day. This way you will leave feeling fully confident to deepen your assisting practice with your students