My deepest intention for offering these experiences are simply to serve you in a way that serves your highest good and the highest good of all beings, everywhere. I can only offer a deep healing experience to the extent at which I have been healed myself and are therefore continuously doing my own inner work so the light of truth may shine through in each moment. Om, Peace, Amen.
— Ashley Seymour ~Founder of Spirit Ocean Healing
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I can recommend Ashley as more than just a yoga “teacher” but an actual Yogi that is living her life aligned to the Truth. Her teachings are based on her ability to embody the principles in her life. I had the pleasure of studying under her for a few weeks in Peru and her commitment to these ancient practices and the transformation they can bring is truly motivating. A true being that embodies the light. Definitely recommend a session with her.

— Bryan Perez

I found Ashley by chance and I’m so happy we connected. I have participated in several of her yoga classes and she is one of my favorite instructors. She gives great directions and options. She allows you to truly make the practice yours. Her hands on assistance is always welcomed and helps you get further than you thought you could. I wish we didn’t live so many states away from each other, because I love to practice with her whenever possible.

— Meghan McGinn

Ashley is an incredible yoga teacher and individual, her classes offer a variety of both poses and difficulty and always contain such wonderful flows that have you leaving feeling refreshed and in a beautiful state of bliss that is hard to find in many teachers. Having practiced with her for a few years now it is amazing and quite inspiring to see how she has grown as a teacher and how her love of yoga has kept her constantly striving to learn more so that she can better share with all of her students. Every class I have been to from privates, to donation based, even her online classes have all felt so welcoming, so personal, and have allowed me to go much deeper in my practice, physical, spiritual, and mental alike. This doesn’t even begin to get into her capabilities in reiki or any of the ceremonies she offers, the sheer energy this lovely being emits makes every single class, ceremony, session, or experience one that is somehow always EXACTLY what you needed.

Much love and gratitude for this beautiful soul

— Julian Roman


Ashley brings her own healing energy to the practice that is unmatched, in my experience, by other instructors. I’ve been practicing for 4 years, most of it with Ashley. If you are lucky enough to take her class or a private lesson with her your practice will grow immensely.

— Theresa Como

Ashley is a great instructor and in the time I’ve studied under her guidance also has become a great friend. Wonderful experience with the private lessons my wife Theresa and I have had

— Gary Como

Radiant, beauty and energy is present in Ashley’s yoga teachings and her Reiki practice. The light within her is shining bright. A naturally gifted instructor

— Emily Aylsworth

What a wonderful experience of acceptance, serenity, and compassion from a being who knows so much about the benefits and purpose of what yoga can bring to our lives.

— Rachel Chen


Amazing teacher! Talented and patient, trained by some of the best !

— Amanda Ortiz

I had my first Reiki season ever with Ashley and I couldn't ask for a better healer! You can feel how energy flows throw her hands! That's blew my mind.
Even though I wasn't sure exactly what a Reiki healing session was, Ashley explained everything in a simple way that helped me understand. She is absolutely amazing to be around. I'm so glad I took this chance and will definitely do it again!

— Natasha

I've been practicing with this divine being since she got her certification and I have yet to find another instructor like her. Calming, empowering, & truly gifted in teaching yoga. I've also done Reiki shares with her and I highly recommend her. She strives towards balance, understanding and love with each and every moment. If you get the opportunity to do yoga or a reiki session with her, you will not regret taking the chance at all!!

— Tori Cummings

Ashley is such a wonderful teacher and practitioner. My experience with her in Peru was so wonderful. Ashley is very connected and tapped in with a plethora of gifts, wisdom, and intuition. I highly recommend connecting with her. The light and service that Ashley brings to the world will always hold a special place in my heart

- Caitlin Margavage


Ashley is a fantastic yoga instructor as well as a strong reiki healer. I am more than thankful for the space and time I have shared with her which have set me on my own journey towards inner healing and the healing of others through these practices. She cultivates a beautiful, genuine and welcoming atmosphere in group and 1 on 1 gatherings. she is very in tune with the needs of each individual and has greatly impacted my healing in the last three years fighting four chronic illness conditions. I only wish we had met sooner and that these practices could have started my healing years earlier. she is a bright and beautiful soul, a gift to this earth.